The sample of the CRME Lesson Study Project Textbooks under the Ministry of Education, Thailand, with support of the CRICED, University of Tsukuba, Japan

1st  time of planning

14 Monday, May 2012

3rd Grade, Kookham Pttayasan School

Secretariat :  Ms. Kwanta Charatpaew  
Unit of Learning: Addition and Subtraction  
Total periods: 14  
This period is  1/14  : Addition of 3-digit numbers  
List of Participants  

Ms. Kwanta Charatpaew                  Teacher


Ms. Patcharin  Sata                           Observer teacher

Ms. Sa-ngot Supengkham                 Observer teacher  
Ms. Lamoon Sanboot                         Observer teacher  
Mr. Kittipot Robsouk                           Graduate Student  
Ms. Thanya Kadroon                           Graduate Student  
Part 1



Part 2


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