APEC - KhonKaen 2014

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 E-textbooks for APEC 2014

Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación, UMCE Tania Espinoza Raimundo :
 Characterizing Chile as a Volcanic country Analysis of information from tables or graph

 Suhaidah binti Tahir SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia :
Focus on Fire and Volcanic Eruption

 Dr. Suhaidah binti Tahir SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia :
Real Life Context-Based Learning

 Assoct.DR.Nguyen Chi Thanh Vietnam National University, Hanoi :
TPD Through Lesson Study in Vietnam

 CHENG Chun Chor Litwin The Hong Kong Institute of Education :
Mathematics for the Future (or Mathematics content and approach for the classroom)

 Prof. Dr. Kirbani Sri Brotopuspito, Dr. Fadjar Shadiq, Mr. Yogi Anggraena :
Integrating Disaster Risk ‘fire and volcanos eruption’ Reduction into Learning Mathematics

 Pramita Setiyo Rahaya, Vikrama Anindito, Carto, Arief Wismono, Fadjar Shadig, pujiati, Sahid, Dr.Waryudi, Prof,Kirbani,Prof.Subanar, Indonesia :
How to Enhance the Competence in Mathematical Modeling by Implementing Lesson Study
in the Case of Volcanic Eruptions?

 Hee-Chan Lew, Nam Gu Hur Korea National University of Eduation :
Forest Fire in High School Mathematics

 Raimundo Olfos, Arturo Mena, Soledad Estrella y Sergio Morales, Isable Rococ, Silvia Herrera :
Proportional and not Proportional Relationship in the Spread of Fire in Valparaiso

 Dr. Roberto Araya, University of Chile, Chile :
Preparing for the Future with Interated STME: Opportunities in Emergency Preparedness

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